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Oy Escarmat Ltd

Hirvenpolku 3
65520 HELSINGBY                                 FINLAND

Phone:  +358 10 583 5700
Email: firstname.lastname(at)

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Address for Electronic Invoices:
OVT ID: 003709693763
Operator ID: 003708599126
Operator: Liaison Technologies Oy

Paper invoices:
Oy Escarmat Ltd
Series nr. 16801458
PL 861
00019 SSC

Escarmat at map

Engineering services

Mikael Mäkinen

Mikael Mäkinen

Automation Designer
+358 40 086 2891 mikael.makinen(at)


Nora Möttönen

Nora Möttönen

Production Director
+358 40 195 9790 nora.mottonen(at)


Minna-Leena Kniivilä

Minna-Leena Kniivilä

Executive Assistant
+358 44 739 8371 minna-leena.kniivila(at)
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